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Fōwling™ Game Set


$199.99 $249.99

  • FōwlOn!™ - Get ready to impress your family and friends with the first ever portable Fōwling™ game set! Set includes 20 weighted composite pins, two 34" x 30" boards, one football, one air pump, and endless fun.
  • UNIQUE GAME PLAY - Do you have the skill (or luck!) to knock down all 10 of your opponent's bowling pins before they knock down yours? FōwlOn!™
  • INSTANT WIN - Do you live life on the edge, take risks, bask in the glory of greatness? If on any player's FIRST throw of the game—with all 10 pins still standing—the red center pin is knocked OFF the board…AND if all other pins remain standing...you my friend have WON the game on the spot. We call that a BONK™! Take a bow. You're a Fōwling™ master. Or lucky. Either way, you're not paying for beers today.
  • PORTABLE - You're going to love the fact that the pins, pump, and pigskin easily store within latching boards for quick and easy transport.
  • ALL AGES - Folks of all ages and skill levels love to Fōwl!