What do you get when you mix a pinch of Detroit's gritty ingenuity, Midwestern innovation, camaraderie, and brews with the game of Fōwling™? The Fōwling Warehouse™. With locations in Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, and Indiana, the nationwide sensation is growing. And we're not slowing down anytime soon. FōwlOn!™

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Born in INDY

Fōwling's™ origin story is the stuff of American legend. When a group of friends built a bowling lane at their Indy 500 camp back in 2001, they quickly learned how hard it is to contain stray bowling balls on homemade lanes. The orbs of destruction were locked away. But before the pins could be put away, a wayward football came soaring through the blue Midwestern sky, crashing into the bowling pins and knocking a few over. That football was a sign from the heavens. The friends looked at each other and an idea began to form. Football. Bowling. Fōwling™. A wild new game had just been born.


What good is a game like Fōwling™ if it's not shared with the world? The friends knew they'd stumbled upon a game the people of Detroit needed. Enter the OG Fōwling Warehouse™ in Hamtramck, Michigan. Opening its doors in 2014, the Hamtramck location was the first in a line of successful Fōwling Warehouse™ launches.


Have you been to a Fōwling Warehouse™ and wish one were coming to your neck of the woods? Maybe you're the entrepreneurial type? Check out Fōwling Warehouse™ franchising opportunities!

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Can't visit a Fōwling Warehouse™ but still got that itch? Now you can bring the Fōwling™ experience to your next tailgate, BBQ, beach day, or backyard gathering. Click here to order your Fōwling™ set today!